The art of belly dance affirms a woman’s femininity at any age, promoting acceptance of the body, regardless of shape or size. Belly dancing keeps you fit, keeps you centered, improves posture, and strengthens stomach muscles.

More importantly, overall toning leads to weight loss, improves self-image, and improves self-confidence. ​

Belly dancing focuses on the isolation of different parts of the body that move independent of each other in sensuous patterns.​

Each belly dancing experience should be personal and unique to each person. While the movements can be the same it is the flavor and personal touch that make it the sexy and alluring dance that it is renowned for.

Belly dancing is the essence of self confidence, sexiness and sensuality. It improves your posture and is great exercise. Rhythmic moving celebrates all that a woman has to offer and the unique qualities that make her a woman.

I have belly danced for over 20 years. In years past I have been part of a dance troupe, and a regular Saturday night dancer at the Alkhaima Dinner Theatre.

As my talents and interests progressed my curiosity perked. I began taking lessons, and then teaching lessons, which led to dancing at major cultural events such as Caravan and Carabram, and minor social events such as bridal showers.

My interests then expanded and explored other forms of dance closely related to belly dancing such as Salsa, Flamenco and the Argentinian tango. In the days I had my own studio – I taught these styles of dance to the public in a fun and sensual lesson plan.

I think everyone should give belly dancing a try and see all that this historical dance has to offer.

– Nour

Dance instructor and owner of thebellydancer.net